translated from Spanish: Scaloni did not confirm Argentina’s team so as not to «give advantages» to Qatar

At Porto Alegre, Lionel Scaloni showed up to speak at the previous of the club’s future defining match at the Copa America and kept the hermetism over the starting XI. «The team has it, the players know it, but I’m not going to say it because, as the Qatar coach said, it would give the opponent an edge,» he said. In the regard to the new challenge, it was clear. «We have to turn the page about the other matches we play, correcting mistakes. We’re fine psychologically, because we still have options to move on to the next round.»

#SelecciónMayor @lioscaloni in conference: «That football has been matched is evident. Qatar v. Paraguay led the initiative and against Colombia it went the other way. We can expect either way, we work with both options so that they don’t surprise us.» — Argentina national team (@Argentina)
June 22, 2019

«What I cannot reproach the players for is attitude; I have next to one of them (Lo Celso), who always leaves everything on the court like the rest. We have to raise the game to go out and win and we will,» added the striker, who was asked for the possibility of having Messi and Dybala on court.» I think they can do it with me. It is feasible and possible but requires work, that there are not many. When the more offensive players you have, the more defensive commitments there are,» he said, in a statement identical to the one he gave when he brought out Lautaro Martínez in the meeting with Paraguay.Lo Celso also spoke in conference.

#SelecciónMayor @LoCelsoGiovani in conference: «Both I and everyone here dream at some point to be in this place. We try to enjoy it but knowing the obligations and what this T-shirt deserves.» — Argentina national team (@Argentina)
June 22, 2019

The opponent: «Qatar is a very intense team, which knows how to play ball, is the last champion of Asia. We’re going to go out and look for the result because all we’re worth is victory.» Playing with Messi: «Having Leo is a privilege. It solves everything you give it. You try to take advantage of it, to enjoy it in training and games and they are things that are not given every day. I personally try to look at it and learn a lot.» The responsibility of the 10: «The leading role is the eleven who take to the court and everyone outside. Each with their role is the protagonist. Whether it’s Leo making the goal or Franco hitting the penalty. You try to do your best based on what you’re asked to do.» In this note:

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