translated from Spanish: Alberto Fernandez denied that La Cámpora has populated the list for the Elections

The closure of the official lists of formulas that will compete in the next national elections left much fabric to cut. One of the first to speak was Alberto Fernández, the presidential candidate for the Frente de Todos, who denied the versions that claim that La Cámpora populated the lists of members of that electoral force.
«The Change, which brings together very valuable young people, has only given in to this election. The Change will have in the next legislative period I think half the Members you have today,» he said. In that vein, the former Kirchnerist official attributed the views on the alleged monopolization of the group that responds to Maximo Kirchner to «malicious readings». In addition, she dismissed the view that Cristina Kirchner had the position of concentrating all power for her own environment. On the other hand, Fernandez rejected the intention to marginalize Peronist leaders such as former Bonaerense governors Felipe Solá and Daniel Scioli. «They have two more years of mandate,» he claimed in dialogue with Radio La Eleven Ten. And punctuating in Solá, he said: «He is one of the most integrated and capable people I have ever met. It could be anywhere because there are few people who know the workings of the state like Philip.» In this note:

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