translated from Spanish: Copa America: Argentina suffers but manages to score two for Qatar and goes to quarters

The Argentina national team qualified on Sunday for the Quarter-finals of the Copa América by beating Qatar 0–2 with goals from Lautaro Martínez and Sergio Agéero, in a match where he found his best version and whose re leaves the Arab team out of the tournament.
After the criticisms suffered, this balsamic triumph qualifies Argentina as second of Group B with 4 points, thanks also to Colombia’s victory against Paraguay (1-0) and will be seen in the quarter-finals against Venezuela on Friday, June 28 at the Maracana.
It was not a placid victory for Argentina, as the short result and the spread of Qatar to play him without respect for his rival kept the uncertainty until the final moments.
Argentina’s coach Lionel Scaloni put together the starting team as Messi likes, with two partners in the line of attack as he has them at Barcelona and the chosen ones were Agaero and Martínez. The coach’s decision in light of the goals scored.
With the 4-3-3 that Albiceleste had only used so far in the final minutes of the match with Paraguay (1-1), the Argentine team started pletóric, thrown into attack to solve the game via the fast track.
In 4 minutes the Argentines had accumulated three chances of goal, and the third was defeated, thanks to a python of the defense of Catar, who gave the ball to Martínez on the edge of the area and he did not forgive with a level shot and glued to the stick that ended in the rojo.
The goal did not help Argentina to maintain consistency in the following minutes and brought back the same problems to bring footballs to Messi as in the previous matches, with many inaccuracies in short passes that were honey on flakes so that Qatar, redeployed with five defenses waiting to counterattack.
Without the initial surprise factor, the Argentines stepped on the rival area very sporadically and their best options before half-time went through a shot of Agéero too crossed and a header from Nicolas Otamendi.
In front of Qatar he settled on the court, gaining confidence and concentrated his attack by the gangs, which allowed him to frighten the Argentine defense with two very clear actions that were invalidated by the outof the game but that made very clear the offensive weapons of the Arabic painting.
As soon as the second half began Scaloni removed Lo Celso to put Marcos Acuña on court, with the clear mission of reinforcing the line of midfielders and slowing down the opponent’s onslaughts.
Thus the Argentine team returned to their overwhelming version and in a span of just two minutes added three very clear occasions of Agéero, who was still to be resisted by the goal.
First it was a shot that a defender deflected to the corner and then two consecutive shots just two metres from the arch, where the first of them was attacked by goalkeeper Al Sheeb and the second was lost by baseline.
The record of Agéero had a prize in the 82nd minute when he picked up the ball with meters ahead and started one of those races that he usually does at Manchester City to leave in speed of the defenders and put a level shot and cross with which he sentenced the triumph pa pa Albiceleste and secured the feast in the stands.
Messi’s goal was missing, he tried but was misguided when in the heart of the area he hit a ball that went high, an opportunity that did not frustrate him, as he will try again this time in the quarter-finals against Venezuela.

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