translated from Spanish: Government said teachers’ unemployment «has no justification»

Government Secretary General Cecilia Pérez referred to teachers’ unemployment and said that there was no justification for teachers to maintain mobilization.
«Let the parents, the students and also that the teachers themselves know, in the continuity of this stopwhat there is a political motivation, a candidacy for regional governor of the president of the College of Teachers, as he has acknowledged,» Pérez said , after this day, the president of the teachers’ guild, Mario Aguilar, ruled out to the elections for governor.
«Here for more than a year the Undersecretary of Education (Raul Figueroa) has worked with the board of the College of Teachers, attending to his request two weeks ago with the College of Teachers, in the drafting of this agreement, and without However, unemployment continues to be politically motivated,» Minister Segegob added.
Government spokesman added that «what hurts, the damage they continue to do to our country’s students and public education, and that damage must be accounted for by the leaders of the College of Teachers themselves.»
Regarding the «funa» lived by Education Minister Marcela Cubillos in the General Cemetery, Pérez said that «it is a lack of respect and tremendous empathy, here the respect for the pain and an intimate moment of the minister, who attended to see her loved ones fall in the cemetery.»
«One wonders, what the parents of this teacher’s students will think, what their own students would think, a person who is called to form and educate, with this fact just demonstrates what we as a society do not want,» he added.

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