translated from Spanish: Poll reveals 62% of Spanish-speaking people in the U.S. would not vote for Trump in 2020

Very confident in what the Latino community was doing in the United States, Donald Trump claimed in an interview on Thursday on the Telemundo network, which he believed had the backing of that faction for re-election to the presidency in 2020.Even though he e n the 2016 election, 66% of Latino votes went to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, and in 2018 69% of this group voted again for the Democratic Party, the country’s president feels very confident with what he did in his tenure. As he said in the interview, in which he was told that according to a poll only 30% of Latinos would vote for him, Trump said that according to another study, he had the backing of 51% of this group because “Hispanics want him to be harsh on border politics” “They don’t want someone to come and take their jobs, they don’t want criminals to come, they understand the situation at the border better than anyone else.” Faced with this disjunctive, Telemundo conducted a poll to resolve questions regarding the number of Hispanic voters who support Trump. It revealed that 62% of these are not happy with the president’s performance and would not vote for it in 2020. On the other hand, 30% of respondents approve of what Trump did, while 8% are unsure. While 59% believe the country is on the wrong track, while 31% responded that they believed it was going on a good track.

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