translated from Spanish: Toy Story 4: Below U.S. expectations, but here breaks records

Last Thursday Disney celebrated a new record: Toy Story 4 became the best-opening film in Argentine film history. The opening day in our country coincided with the national flag day holiday and took 435,000 viewers to the cinema, breaking all records. According to the official Disney statement, nine out of ten people who went to the cinema chose the premiere of Toy Story 4. In addition, it also broke records in the rest of Latin America with more than one and a half million viewers in its premiere, positioning itself as the most watched animated film on its opening day in Brazil, Colombia, Central America and Bolivia. To date, it already accumulates more than 14 million viewers in all Latin American countries where it premiered.

Toy Story 4 loosely overcame the numbers of Avengers: Endgame with nearly a hundred fewer rooms across the country

In Argentina it closed the first weekend of screening with 1,625,716 tickets sold in more than seven hundred rooms across the country. This number represents more than three times what the cinema reported the previous weekend that was long, something quite unusual for the box office. And in the same time period it surpassed the total accumulated by Aladdin since its premiere in the country, with 1,249,962 spectators. The new Disney/Pixar film managed to beat the stunning first weekend of Avengers: Endgame, which featured 1,173,224 viewers in 787 theaters across the country. Winter holidays start across the country next month and Toy Story 4 will remain on the billboard. In the meantime it has little competition, so it has a good chance of becoming the most-watched film in history in Argentine cinemas.

In his home country he could not surpass Los Increíbles 2, which remains the highest-grossing in the studio

Compared to its predecessors, the new Disney/Pixar film amassed in just four days half of what Toy Story 3 grossed in Argentina (3.2 million viewers) and surpassed the first Toy Story (640,000 viewers, not counting the revival) and Toy Story 2 ( 675 thousand viewers) together throughout their commercial career (1.3 million viewers in total). However, internationally he did not surpass Los Increíbles 2 as expected. With 4,575 screens in the United States, it debuted Friday selling $47 million, well below what was projected by the studio and experts. So it was all the most successful of the weekend and the third so far this year. If it continues, it could also rank the highest-grossing animated films of all time. In this note:

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