translated from Spanish: Unusual protest on ascent: St. George refused to play against Alvarado

The second ascent to the National B was defined in the midst of a real scandal. This Sunday at the José María Minella Stadium in Mar del Plata, the players of St. George of Tucumán sat on the field and then withdrew from the pitch in protest against the failures of referee Adrián Franklin. That’s why Alvarado ended up celebrating promotion.
Following the goalless draw in the first leg, the Marplatense team won 1-0 in the first half with a goal from Emiliano Lopez, a result that secured the jump in the category. But in addition, the Tucuman ensemble suffered two expulsions (David Valdez for double yellow and Maximiliano Guardia) and five warnings.
Five minutes after the add-on began, the visiting players refused to continue the match, protested sitting on the turf and Franklin ended the match. Alvarado’s festivity quickly unraveled, which must await the ruling of the Court of Discipline of the Federal Council, the aFA body that is responsible for regulating The Inland League tournaments.
“We think it was an anointy that happened the first time, it’s up to us to pass, we have to think about our families and children. We didn’t expect lousy arbitration, we were robbed in the face,” said Ricardo Tapia, the captain of the Tucuman team. Maximiliano Guardia added: They on our work, we break our ortho all year and they’re stealing from us, they can’t steal from us like that. We don’t want to go out and play, we don’t want to play with this guy running. We decided it when we were in the locker room.”

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