translated from Spanish: ANFP won Santiago Morning in the match against Palestine for Copa Chile

The ANFP Discipline Court on Wednesday determined to disqualify Palestinians from the 2019 Chile Cup, despite eliminating Santiago Morning in the second phase with a 5-4 aggregate, for an error in the registration of youth players. The microbus joint denounced the ‘Arabs’ for non-compliance with the obligation to carry two players born after January 1, 1999. The colony cast included on the payroll of the first leg party, which won in La Cisterna 4-3, only one U21, Camilo Saldaña, and not two as stipulated by the regulations. «The SADP Palestinian Sports Club is sanctioned with the loss of the points played in the match referred to in the previous numeral, the match being understood as won by club Santiago Morning by the score of 3 x 0», the writing states. In this way, the defending champion is left out of the competition and Santiago Morning became the winner by secretariat, advancing to the eighth round of the Chile Cup. For the ticket to the quarter-finals, the ‘Chago’ will face the winner of the key that has not yet concluded between Universidad Católica and Deportes La Serena, with initial advantage for the garnet draw (1-0).

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