translated from Spanish: Approve in Members Development Plan; the opposition claims

With 305 votes in favour, 139 against and 3 abstentions, the 2019-2024 National Development Plan was approved in the Chamber of Deputies on Thursday, although the opposition claimed that it is an incomplete and failed document, detached from reality.
It is a document “that does not meet the principles established in the Constitution; lacks strategies, objectives, indicators and evaluation criteria to let us know where the country is heading; it is not national or promotes development because it was steamed,” said the Panist Member Josefina Salazar.
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“The document does not comply with the purposes of the national project contained in the Constitution; it is a political discourse that only criticizes the past and does not plan for the future,” said the prifitumist deputy Fernando Galindo Favela, whose party also voted against it.
Julieta Macías Rábago, mp deputy of the Citizen Movement, said her party would vote against it that the plan lacks clear objectives, indicators and goals.
“It does not envisage environmental actions and combats climate change; human rights, has a general and homogenizing approach; conceived of indigenous peoples as subjects of care and not rights, depersonalizing them; makes no mention of minors and their mothers; in the fight against corruption and dissent, there are incomplete and contradictory strategies, and in terms of economic development, the Plan needs to integrate Development Banking,” he said.
In contrast, moreon’s legislators coordinator Mario Delgado argued that the Plan proposes the end of the neoliberal stage, a redefinition of the role of the state and government in the economy.
“It’s a new heading map, it’s a new strategy for the country that’s done in a global context, where neoliberalism is being buried,” Delgado said.
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