translated from Spanish: Vesta Lugg referred to motherhood: «I don’t look like a mom. People still get shocked when I say it.»

Influencer Vesta Lugg traveled to Chile to do various activities where I take to talk about her future that doesn’t include children, as she said «I don’t see myself as a mom. People still get shocked when I say it.» Vesta spoke with Page 7 and said that «most of my friends want to be a mom and I respect them, but nowadays the woman doesn’t have to be a mom to be a woman. It is still associated with women as a reproduced object, that cooks, that makes the toilet». While she is clear about not having children, she has not been saved from criticism, because the influencer indicated that ‘there are people who have told me ‘how are you going to develop as a woman if you do not reproduce?’. Like you failed as a woman because you’re not going to have children. They give a lot of self-responses that, if I don’t give them to you, you don’t have to take them.» I don’t look married, but if my partner wants to get married and it’s important to them, it’s a conversation and we’ll do it if it’s important. But having children is different. A role to have to raise and love someone 18 years of a life are totally different commitments,» Vesta added, finally, assured that «my parents are 2019 dads. They have a daughter who put together a digital magazine, who didn’t go to college and doesn’t want to be a mom. They have evolved with the times.»

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