translated from Spanish: President of the Bar Association makes his position available amid controversy over “machismo” in the election

The name Macarena Letelier resonated among the councillors who were elected to the elections of the Bar Association in early June, who commented that the most likely 43-year-old lawyer and Director of the Arbitration and Mediation Center (CAM) of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce. Letelier had achieved the most votes in the election.
However, the votes were not sufficient and, according to La Tercera PM, after a private meeting among the ten members of the guild – a group to which Letelier belongs – it was decided that Arturo Alessandri, who was already the President, would remain in that position for two more years.
The reasons? According to the medium, the members of the list simply considered Alessandri to be the best letter to remain in charge because of her experience and the age of the CAM attorney. And even, according to sources close to the list, Alessandri would have made calls to Close Tolet elier to convince her to desist from her intentions to preside over the College.
Said and done. “The trade list asked me to go to re-election, and I went. There may have been previous conversations, as everywhere, different people had an interest, but ultimately, as a list, we defined them to support me as president,” Alessandri said yesterday.
“I have decided to make my position available”
Despite all that has happened, and in the midst of the controversy after the elected vice president, Leonor Etcheberry, noted that he would have loved a woman in the presidency and the former Minister of Public Works, Loreto Silva, disassociated herself from the entity accusing “machismo”; Alessandri announced this morning that he will make his position available.
“As president of the recently re-elected Chilean Bar Association, I address you for informals that in the belief that, first and foremost, we must protect the institutionality of our Professional College and our Guild, I have decided make my position available to the Council,” Alessandri said according to El Mercurio.
“I feel a deep displeasure at the events that have occurred (…) In recent days I have noticed the systematic construction of a discourse motivated by personal interests and outside the principles that inspire us as a College,” the now former union leader said.

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