translated from Spanish: Seeks deputy Fermín Bernabé to establish agreements on health, education and social development with Cuba

Morelia, Michoacán.- To serve as a legislative link that allows to build agreements in health, education and social development between Mexico and the Republic of Cuba, Deputy Fermín Bernabé Bahena committed after holding a meeting with Tania León Silveira, governor of the Province of Matanzas and deputy of the parliament of the Caribbean country.
After receiving the Cuban governor, the coordinator of the Morena Parliamentary Group at the Congress of Michoacán stressed the importance of a permanent relationship between Mexico and Cuba, so that both nations can work on their respective reparation Social.
«We extend the warmest welcome, and offer our full support to walk agreements that support the development of the Province of Matanzas and Michoacán,» stressed Bernabé Bahena as she addressed the Cuban governor and legislator, who arrived at the Junta de Matanzas and Michoacán Political coordination in the company of Meaories Araceli Saucedo Reyes and Lucila Martínez Manríquez, as well as Deputy Octavio Ocampo Córdova.
He stressed the importance of maintaining a permanent communication with the Cuban parliament, based on the agreements that began to be built through whom she attended as a special guest to the Political Coordination Board of the LXXIV Congressional Legislature Michoacán.
In turn, he remarked that he would seek that the other parliamentary groups that have representation in the local Congress, join the parliamentary linking work that was projected for Mexico and Cuba.
«There are many outstanding ones that we can attend in permanent coordination with the Republic of Cuba, so it is important to consolidate agreements that respond to the needs of our peoples,» concluded the local deputy for District 10.
Source: Monitor Expresso

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