translated from Spanish: AMLO arrives with 60% approval to one year of its triumph

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador comes with more than 60% acceptance to one year of his election triumph, according to polls, although his popularity has declined over this time.
According to the El Financiero survey in December 2018, when taking office, it had 77% approval; February reached 83%, its highest peak. Then he started to come down. In March, 78% approved their shares, in April 70% and by June it fell to 66%.
Only 32% disapprove of their government. 85% of those who voted for López Obrador continue to support him.
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In the survey conducted by Consulta Mitofsky for The Economist, approval towards the representative’s work is lower: 60.8%.
While disapproval has grown in the last week. June 22 was 36.7%, with 1 July registering 38.6%. 
According to El Financiero’s survey, the most approved action (62%) was the sale of the presidential plane, followed by the National Guard (61%) and then citizen consultations (60%).
How they see the country
27% of Mexicans surveyed by El Financiero believe the country is better than it was a year ago. 26% think it’s worse and 46% think it stays the same.
Although 76% believe that Mexico’s problems are inherited from previous governments and only 22% believe they are the responsibility of López Obrador.
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54% of Mexicans consulted by Mitofsky consider the current situation to be improving, 41.5% believe it is getting worse.
Although 48.5% believe that there is less corruption today than there was a year ago in the government of the Republic; 49% believe that in municipal governments the situation remains the same.
On security, 60% believe the situation is worse than it was a year ago, and 48% believe that in economic terms it is worse than it was a year ago.

With information from El Financiero and El Economista.
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