translated from Spanish: [VIDEO] Belén Soto and his relationship with man 15 years older: «Today is full of abusive relationships»

Belen Soto visited the morning yourselves at Mucho Gusto de Mega to promote her book «You Don’t Deserve It,» where she talks about the toxic relationship she had with an older man when the actress was 15.» He manipulated me by saying it was going to end if I told someone (…) my mistake was hiding it from my mom,» she said. Soto commented on the number of messages he has received from women who have been through the same thing when he told his case in a chapter of the Divine Food. «There are many women in a toxic relationship and in a depression. It’s an abusive relationship you have with your body,» he said. Soto handed over details of how damaging the relationship was and how she understood that the bond was hurting her.» Finally it made me feel despised, minimal because when you’re in a relationship where they have you hidden and make you think they you because she loves you (…) what makes you believe? That that is love, it makes you stop believing in love and you believe in love you don’t believe in family, you don’t believe in yourself.» The young woman was surprised by describing the profile of these abusive subjects. «This kind of man makes you believe that you are god, that you depend on him, so I lost possibilities of work, travel, friendships, parties. Get away from my family.» The relationship led her to fall into a deep depression, as well as gaining 15 kilos, having bulimia and sugar addiction.» I chose to bear my testimony to get out of depression, the important message is reconciliation with my body (…) I apologized for hurting myself so much.» The actress referred to the work she has done to overcome the stage and the insecurities in order to enter into another relationship. «That’s the hardest thing, to re-believe in love, to give you a chance was a long process with yourself. After you go through a depression, you don’t trust love, you don’t believe in yourself. How are you going to believe in a relationship if you feel ugly, physically badly, how you’re going to undress another man, it gives you modesty. re-believing in me was an important step, today I am in a healthy relationship where I feel loved and had to explain to that person what I lived so that I understood my insecurities.» Soto explained the reasons that led her to want to publish her story. «Today it is full of abusive relationships and my message is not to defuse, nor to say who is behind you, but to you as a woman who does not pass you.»

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