translated from Spanish: Teacher unemployment government: «There is a leadership problem that is not minor»

The minister spokeswoman, Cecilia Pérez referred to the decision of the College of Teachers, to maintain unemployment, which begins a fifth week, after successful negotiations with the Minister of Education, Marcela Cubillos.
Perez said that inside the teaching guild there is an internal problem and he raised that «we believe that this has to be solved by the College of Teachers with his guild. We do not agree that this internal problem that today has the College of Teachers and its directive, is being at the expense of the children of our country and also of public education.»
The spokeswoman of La Moneda said that «when the points where agreements finally exist are agreed, when it is agreed how these will be expressed to the bases and the citizens, there is certainly the word of a leader who now leads the College of Teachers. If he cannot sustain the agreements that the doors inside agree with the government, then there is a leadership problem that is not minor.»
«We have been permanently more than a year ago, working, agreeing, we have come to terms on two occasions with the board of the College of Teachers, agreements that they have not been able to sustain on their own bases. There is certainly an internal problem in the leadership,» she reiterated, Minister-Secretary-General of Government.
Pérez further stated that «of the 12 demands they have requested, nine have been met, welcomed and we deeply regret this perseverance in a mobilization that only harms public education. It is not fair that today 600 thousand students and their families are in their homes seeing how internally, with the conflicts that exist in the leadership of the College of Teachers, this unemployment is not put to an end.»
«As a government, willing to dialogue, to work responsibly, but also to call on teachers in Chile, to those who have the vocation of public education, who are educators, trainers, that the children of our country need in the classrooms,» the minister said.

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