translated from Spanish: Ten years of Pina Bausch’s death: life and work

The sudden passing of the famous German dancer and choreographer was a shock to the dance world. Bausch left a rich artistic legacy, handled by his son.
“Pina invites”. This is the name of the documentation project that the Pina Bausch Foundation develops in Wuppertal, Germany, where the artist worked from 1973 until her sudden death on June 30, 2009. The task encompasses a huge amount of material: thousands of photos, videos, letters and librettos of the 46 functions created by the famous choreographer are preserved in high multi-story archives in a Wuppertal courtyard. Scanning began in 2010 and the archive is expected to be available online by June next year.
Initially the available materials of five of the pieces will be uploaded, announced Salomon Bausch, son of the artist and founder and responsible for the foundation. The goal is to be able to “share the file” with people. Therefore, it should not be a “boring documentary store”, but a “place of animated, artistic and scientific exchange, for anyone who is curious about the art of Pina Bausch” and who can read it on the foundation’s website.
Headquarters in Wuppertal
Pina Bausch always professed weakness towards Wuppertal. For 36 years she was in charge of her dance theatre, which has been dancing without her for ten years. Last year, there was some controversy over disagreements over the direction of the famous company. After Bausch’s death, the experienced dancers took over. In May 2017, playwright Adolphe Binder was appointed director, but was fired only a year later. In the summer of 2018, the dance theatre remained unoriented until, in November, Bettina Wagner-Bergelt was appointed artistic director.
And there are big plans in Wuppertal. In the city’s old theatre, which is not currently operating for economic reasons, the large Pina Bausch Centre, which will house both the dance theatre and the Pina Bausch Foundation, including its archive, will be built by 2026. To do this, the building must be expanded. The estimated cost is 58 million euros, 30 of which will be contributed by the federal government. Also the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, where Wuppertal is located, wants to participate.
Tribute in October
The dance company itself was not in Wuppertal on the tenth anniversary of the death of its founder and choreographer for more than three decades, but in Paris. For many years, the company has been invited to offer performances around the world. These trips and invitations to other countries, some distant and with very diverse cultures, have always enriched her, Bausch said in an excited speech during the 2007 Kyoto Award ceremony, considered the most important in the world in the areas of philosophy and culture. “Knowing completely foreign uses, customs and music has led me to translate into dance what we do not know, but that should belong to everyone.” This is also a reflection of his company, with international members.
A tribute on the tenth anniversary of Pina Bausch’s death will be held in Wuppertal on 3 October. The artist’s latest production will be staged. After the performance there will be a debate with the dancers, all under the title “A Night with Pina”.

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