translated from Spanish: Julio Milostich: “I get a stone on my chest from being able to be in two things at once”

Soon Julio Milostich will be on duplicate television. The actor who is currently the villain of Channel 13’s “Rio Oscuro”, is also part of the cast of “Gemelas”, the Chilean vision television series that does not yet have a confirmed release date, but which has already been announced for Turner’s prime schedule.
A double militancy that for Milostich is a sign of the times that are running in the industry, when the channels are outsourcing the production of their contents and disarming their formergigantic dramatic areas. In fact, “Gemelas” was produced for CHV by Parox, while “Dark River” by AGTV for Channel 13.
“It’s what we’re living now,” the actor said today. “Today one is not hired by the channels; you have to do a project and it’s over and you don’t know what’s going to happen next semester, whether you’re going to have a job or not,” he added.
Milostich made her TV debut in 2004 with “Hippie” (Channel 13), at a time when the industry was still enjoying some prosperity. “It’s complicated for us, because you don’t know what your future is going to be, if the same producer is going to call you back for a TV series,” the actor said. “I give myself a stone in my chest to be able to be in two things at once, ” he added.
The Delay of Twins

Milostich’s double presence on the small screen is due to the delay in the premiere of “Gemelas”, which was recorded and announced last year, but which had been postponed by Chilevisión.
“I’m glad the decision was made to throw away the TV series because it was a long time and the truth is that I was a little worried about what was going to happen to that,” the actor said.
In the fiction Milostich will be Manuel Vázquez de Acuña, the adoptive father of one of the sisters who embodies Paloma Moreno, who were separated at birth. Although both were the result of a relationship he had in the past.
“I hope there’s an audience for everyone. It’s in our interest to always compete with us, that there isn’t a single channel running alone,” Milostich said.
Although the ratings have not accompanied “Rio Oscuro” as expected, the actor – Juan in the fiction of Channel 13 – defends the bet.
Your character in “Gemelas” is different from “Dark River”…

Yes, absolutely. Thank God, it’s going to be a balm for me. He’s a character who left unfinished things in his life and a baton meets reality and is going to have to assume a lot of things he hadn’t taken responsibility for.
What response did you get “Dark River”?

All right, all right. Publications have come out I don’t know, about the bass rating, maybe we don’t have the best, but it’s a TV series that’s starting. We are in direct competition with Mega, who already had a captive audience. The Mega has been up all this time, so it’s not easy to go out and fight Goliath, but we davides have it very clear and we are confident that the thing is going to go back little time.

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