translated from Spanish: Carolina Tohá rejects closure of the National Institute proposed by Alessandri but acknowledges that it “didn’t work what we tried years ago”

The former mayor of Santiago, Carolina Tohá, referred to the controversy generated by the words of the current mayor, Felipe Alessandri, who threatened to close the National Institute if no agreement is reached with the students teas.
“Closing the Institute, or threatening to close it, is only going to get the conflict to expand and deepen. I don’t think it’s an option,” he said, in statements issued to La Tercera newspaper.
This, after Alessandri noted that “with the same peace of mind i’m talking to, I’m going to close it (the National I) and 205 years of history are over.”
While Tohá does not share the words of the mayor of Santiago, he asked to change the way he dealt with conflict with students.
“I do believe that a break is needed about the way the conflict has been dealt with so far. Clearly, what the current mayor has done has not paid off, but neither did what we tried years ago, or the previous mayors, work,” he added.
“Instead of questioning the existence of the Institute, I believe that the way goes on the side of defining its role for the future, not only with the community but with the country, including the various political sectors, and also establishing clear rules, supported on how to deal with violence and stop this dynamic of permanent shooting,” he concluded.

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