translated from Spanish: Ignacia Michelson lost the son he expected from Sergeant Rap: “My soul is broken”

It was some time since the pregnancy of Ignacia Michelson and Sergeant Rap, the popular participants of the reality show Resisté de Mega, was confirmed. Since the news broke, the couple shared the day-to-day day of their sweet wait, but today they reported the sad news of the loss of the baby they so longed for. Both shared the tragic news on their social networks. The young woman also shared the examinations that confirm the sad news, asking that she be left alone. For his part Sergeant Rap also shared with his followers the painful information.” WE LOST OUR SON. I thought I was being the difference of the majority, everyone was telling us that it would not be easy but to me personally everything was part of, so everything was perfect, all those casualties that we passed we passed with a love so us, that there were no cracks left in the walls nor dust on the furniture, i only studied the foot of the one we were limping from and in less than what was heated the water pal Guatero already had deciphered the codes. We left everything in God’s hands from the beginning and everything made sense until that morning. The night before while she was taking pictures of her belly in front of the mirror, I was writing a song about how chingon it felt to be a superhero, we slept and when we woke up we were two again. I will not dare to write what I feel that my wife is feeling, but as for my, I am fucked dog, the illusion exploded in my hand and I feel as if my soul had been blown, the cloak is already huge, my name was erased , I feel like I’m loading a truck with vato’s eyelids… How can we not cry? And worst of all… How to cry and fall to the precipice like if that’s the least my wife needs to see? I don’t know how good I am acting but I try to improvise on my pain, without rhythm or base, just passing the day. We never knew if it was going to be a boy or a girl, the only present image we have of our baby is this little suit hanging in the middle of our clothes. .-We cut off communication son, I do not know if you caught up to hear my last words on your mother’s womb, I hope everything is fine up there and you have not returned for something serious, please, we love you a chingo. See you soon. God with us.”

Original source in Spanish

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