translated from Spanish: Election: long campaign for PASO with spots on radio and television

Radio and television advertising broadcasts will be back on election advertising since this Sunday for political spaces to promote their pre-candidates, with a view to the 11 August primary election. The spaces assigned to the political groupings for the dissemination of the spots were distributed through the public draw made by the National Electoral Directorate, and where representatives of the political groups, which present pre-candidates in the Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Compulsory (PASS) elections.

More than 62,687 hours for election advertising were distributed in the various political spaces. 3,166 media from across the country participate: 2,137 between AM and FM radios and 1,029 cable and open TV services. Electoral advertising in the national order will take place during the 33 days leading up to the election event on 11 August, i.e. from tomorrow until 9 August, when the electoral ban will begin. The Ministry of the Interior stated that the amendment to the Financing Act extended the number of days to the space for political parties for electoral advertising in the audiovisual media. Thus, 50% was allocated equally among all political groups that submit lists of pre-candidates, and the remaining 50% proportionally according to the votes obtained in the last election in the category of National Deputies.In this note :

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