translated from Spanish: Ephemeris of July 7

On July 7, but from 2009, a decade ago, Pope Benedict XVI signed his third encyclical, “Caritas in veritate”, in which he recognizes that economics needs ethics. Other ephemeris:1497.- Zarpa de Lisboa a small fleet, under the command of Vasco de Gama, with the mission of finding a way to India, bending the Cape of Good Hope, then limit of European navigation.1846.- Mexico declares war on the United States for its policy expansionist.1853.- An American squadron forces the Japanese to open their borders and markets to the US.1857.- The Civil War erupts in the Dominican Republic, between supporters of Buenaventura Báez and Pedro Santana.1877.- Froilán Turcios is born, Honduran writer and politician.1887.- Marc Chagall, French painter of Russian origin.1890.- Henri Nestlé, founder of the Swiss food group,1898.- The American Congress agrees to annex the Hawaiian Islands.1899.- George Cukor, film director, is born American.1901.- Born Vittorio de Sica, Italian actor and filmmaker.1904.- Finished the Trans-Siberian Railway, 8,314 kilometers.1911.- Gian Carlo Menotti, Italian composer.1930.- Arthur Conan Doyle, English writer of crime novels and creator of the character Sherlock Holmes.1932.- Begins the Rise of Trujillo (Peru), a communist movement of cane workers and students, submitted two days later by government forces.1937.- The Sino-Japanese War breaks out.1940.- Born two days later by government forces.1937.- The Sino-Japanese War breaks out.1940.- Born Richard Starkey, “Ringo Starr”, drummer of the British musical group “The Beatles”.1941.- World War II: American troops land in Iceland to join the fight against Axis forces.1946.- Miguel German wins the presidential election in Mexico.1948.- End of the conservative military uprising of Colonel Llosa in Peru: Surrender of the garrisons of Puno and Juliaca.1950.- First broadcast in the United States of color TV.
.- Rises Baldomero Fernández Moreno, Argentine poet.1951.- Francisco Guerrero, Spanish musician.1954.- Julius Nyerere founds the Tanganyika African Nation Union.1966.- Venezuela breaks off diplomatic relations with Argentina for the overthrow of Arturo Illía.1967.- The civil war begins in Nigeria: Federal Army troops invade Biafra.- Vivien Leigh, British actress,1973.- Max Horkheimer, German philosopher and sociologist, dies.1976.- For the first time in history, female cadets enter the german cadets into the Military Academy of West Point (USA).- Berenice Bejo is born, Argentine actress.1978.- Grant of independence to the Solomon Islands.- More than a hundred people die in the “Safra Massacre”, in Lebanon, following the assault of Bachir Yemayel’s troops on 20 headquarters of the Liberal National Party, by Camille Chamoun.1994.- End of the war of secession in Yemen, with the seizure of Aden by the Yemenis.
.- Dies Cameron Mitchell, AMERICAN actor.1996.- Abdalá Bucaram wins the presidential elections of Ecuador.2000.- Plan Colombia receives an initial disbursement of 871 million dollars at the Madrid Donor Conference.2001.- Concludes the Summit of the CARICOM with the approval of the creation of a Caribbean Single Market.- Some 260 police men are injured in Bradford, England, in racial clashes among white youth and Asians.- Iran confirms the successful experimental launch of its half-range Shihab-3 ground-to-ground missile, capable of reaching Israel. – NASA launches Delta II rocket carrying Mars to the “Opportunity” exploration vehicle.- London suffers four terrorist attacks on its transport network, claimed by an Al Qaeda-linked organization, 56 people, including 4 terrorists, and 700 are injured. – Hurricane “Dennis” causes 45 deaths, 16 missing and 15,000 people affected in Haiti. In the following days he caused 16 deaths in Cuba and 8 in the southeast of the United States.2006.- Spanish judge Santiago Pedraz orders the international search and capture of former Guatemalan President Efraín Ríos Montt, for alleged crimes of genocide.. – Syd Barrett, a component of the band “Pink Floyd”.2008.- Concludes the G-8 Summit in Toyako (Japan) highlighting the need to halve CO2 emissions by 2050 to combat climate change.2010.- Manuel Antonio Noriega, former dictator Panamanian, he is sentenced in France to 7 years in prison for money laundering from the drug trade.2014.- Alfredo Di Stéfano, Spanish-Argentine footballer. – Eduard Shevardnadze, former president of Georgia.2017.- The “Plateau Fire” fire, which was extinguished in September after razing more than 521,000 hectares, is declared in British Columbia, Canada.

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