translated from Spanish: President of the College of Teachers ad meeting portals with Cubillos: «Unemployment cannot be eternal»

The president of the College of Teachers, Mario Aguilar, referred to the meeting they will hold on Monday with the Minister of Education, Marcela Cubillos. On the occasion, they hoped that the Government would make a satisfactory proposal that could break the conflict and allow teachers to return to school. It was in the Mesa Central de Canal 13 program, where Aguilar commented that «from day one we didn’t want this to spread,» adding that «it’s been hard to sit down and have a dialogue.» He replied, moreover, that «tomorrow there needs to be a government proposal, common sense and wisdom, and obviously we want a solution.» Asked about the reasons that have hurt the negotiations, he said that «it influenced the minister’s threatening tone. That harsh, superb, arrogant tone really upset people. It’s not just a form issue, it’s a way of dealing.» And in the face of the criticisms they have received, he retorted that «we know that unemployment cannot be eternal, this will not be eternal. We know that there comes a time when it has to end, but it has to be on the basis of concrete solutions to concrete problems that we have raised.»

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