translated from Spanish: Fires in Ahome increase in June

During the month of June Firefighters of Los Mochis and El Carrizo attended 383 emergency, more than 12 daily with a remarkable shot of the soca burnings that reached 60 and became more dangerous than ever with burning houses and crops standing. The vacant sea fires remain the majority with 135 and 44 in room houses, which are also on the rise.

The longest fire was that of the courtyards of the Autonomous University of the West where about 8 hours was worked to suffocate it and collateral damage with the burning of machinery in an adjoining business occurred. HELP US Click the Google News star and follow usAlso, 16 domestic gas leaks, 12 fires in private vehicles and 11 in shops were fought. There were 13 tree fires in palm trees, and in El Carrizo citizen applications were attended for 15 swarms of bees that posed risk to families.

Firefighters are on fire.

Last May, 358 emergencies had been attended, and the burnings were 23, so they almost doubled in June and still continue in the first days of July. Incidents such as a property close to November 20 have been raised in combat where they suddenly changed the direction of the air and firefighters barely managed to save themselves from the fire and remove the motor pump in time, but they were burned a hose. However, and the physical wear and tear that firefighters suffer continues to make superhuman efforts to fight fires and soca burning, fuel consumption continues to rise and tests the deterioration of machinery is that last week a motor pump was diverted in El Carrizo and the one that relieved her radiator burst, but they were immediately repaired. The corporación’s controls call on producers and pepenadores to avoid burning ropes, as well as to clean the wasteland to curb the risk of fires getting out of control and endangering crops, room houses and entire families.

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