translated from Spanish: Galperín, CEO of Free Market, ironic about bank guild claim

The founder of Mercado Libre, Marcos Galperin, responded on Monday with an irony to the Banking Association’s claim for the company’s employees to join that union.
“Here, reviewing the list of our new #amigos2019. Looks like all the Conmebol is missing and they’re all there! #quepais,” Galperin wrote on his twitter account.

The leader of the Banking Guild, Sergio Palazzo, warned that he will press to join some 7,500 workers who work in the technology financial system on the grounds that they should be in their guild.” We’re going to go after all the financial sector workers, if Galperin’s there, it’s up to him to conform to the law,” Palazzo said in radio statements.

Palazzo joined a conflict that already has several episodes and actors, including the truck leader, Hugo Moyano.It happens that Mercado Libre opened a logistics center in the Central Market in which 80 employees work, who would be attached to the Workers’ Union Moyano believes that these operators should be under the 40/89 agreement of the truckers. Another union leader who charged against Galperin was Hector Daer, one of the chiefs of the CGT.
“If the future is Free Market, we are in the furnace,” Daer ironed in statements to The Nation. 

Galperin also received questions from social leader Juan Grabois, who a few weeks ago, together with the Observatory on Economic Co-Juncture and Public Policies, presented a report against the Free Market accusing her of charging more and more commissions “abuse of a dominant position” and have an “inadequate legal frame” within the Software Promotion Act for which you “pay less tax than you should.” In this note:

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