translated from Spanish: De la Rúa again interned: its condition is delicate

Once again, the former President of the Nation, Fernando De la Rúa, had to be admitted, now for cardiac and kidney complications, as reported on Monday. He is housed in the Fleni institute of the Bolivian party of Escobar and his condition “is very delicate” confirmed close to the leader of the Radical Civic Union.In January and May of this year, De la Rúa managed to overcome other complex health cadres as a result of his basic cardiovascular problems and received medical care at the Austral De Pilar Hospital.The former president of the Alliance had suffered two heart attacks last year, one in October and one in May, although his heart problems had begun in 2001 when he was still head of state and at that time he underwent an angioplasty to unblock the right coronary artery. Other similar backgrounds occurred in 2010 and 2014, when De la Rúa had to be intervened, at the time it went through the operating room in January 2016 but on that occasion it was a bladder problem. The last time the former head of state was seen in public was on 30 November when he attended the G20 Gala at the Teatro Colón with his wife Inés Pertiné.
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