translated from Spanish: Eduardo Fuentes: “I’ve become a bit of a fan of some Chilean trap artists”

After two consecutive years at TVN, the Pulsar Awards will return to La Red tomorrow and, for the first time, the award ceremony that awards the best of national music will be led by Eduardo Fuentes.
“Happy to make them because the Pulsar Awards is a very important award in Chile,” the animator told today. “For me it was very interesting because it’s something that you don’t usually do and it’s rich when you put new challenges in you and you have to do different things, which force you to go a little further,” he added.
Fuentes was chosen by La Red to lead the fifth version of the awards presented by the Chilean Copyright Society (SCD), which will be held at the Teatro Teletón and will feature a rich show with national artists such as Francisca Valenzuela, Camila Gallardo, Congress and The Three, among others.
But there is a presentation that has especially excited Eduardo Fuentes: the segment dedicated to the increasingly popular urban genre, which will be represented by a show in which will be on stage the performers of national trap Princess Alba, Tomasa Gianluca, Ceaese, Polimá West Coast, Pablo Chill-E and Young Cister.
“I’ve been listening to trap a while ago,” confessed the 44-year-old reporter, who says he has no prejudice when it comes to knowing new music. “I find that there is very good music here in Chile of trap and I have become a bit of a fan of some artists,” he said.
He revealed that he has a favorite inside the new litter of “traperos”: the YouTube phenomenon, Pablo Chill-E. “I love it, I find that the skinny has a point of view, the music is good,” fonts explained that although he says he has no fingers for the piano and doesn’t sing a note, because he’s a radio man he’s in constant contact with artists and his music.
“I have interviewed many musicians in life and most good people say that there is no good or bad music but that it is good or poorly made music. I find that this is a well-made music, well-made bases, there is a sense, an aesthetic. You may question the message, I think it’s debatable, but I feel like it’s well-made music and it really comes from where potatoes burn,” he argued about his taste for local trap.
Even those who are still looking suspiciously at the growing phenomenon are encouraged: “I think for people who don’t know them and are still immersed in prejudice, it’s interesting that they see and listen to them, that they feel the energy of these bastards (…) they’re not playing, they’re coming to make their political, cultural proposition and they do it very seriously.”
Which show do you want to see the most tomorrow? I like the show that’s being prepared by Chilean trap artists. I also think that Cami (Gallardo) can again surprise, because of the power it has. I wouldn’t want to award my favoritism to any particular one, because all the shows you’re going to see are interesting and engaging, but if this were a casino, I’d bet you squeals there.

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