translated from Spanish: Negri: «Someday the truth about the fall of De la Rúa will be known in 2001»

The president of the interblock of national deputies of Cambiamos, Mario Negri, assured today that «someday the truth will be known» about the events surrounding the fall of the government of the late former President Fernando De la Rúa, which occurred in December 2001.» There is a clenched fist in Argentine history that will one day open and we will know the truth of what happened,» Negri held during the wake of the former representative’s remains held in the Hall of Lost Steps of the Congress of the Nation.
«A lot of strange things happened in those days, like organized groups that helped push a president who, it’s true, was weak.»

In addition, the Cordoba MP regarded De la Rúa as «a leader who defended himself in the courts and did not hide behind the courts», when he was tried for the incidents that occurred on 19 and 20 December 2001 that left several dead and ended with the government of (e) the Alliance.Cavallo: «An unjustly denoted patriot died»

De la Rúa and Cavallo shared the last months of the Alliance government.

Former Economy Minister Domingo Cavallo said that «when the objective history of this time is written, De la Rúa will be vindicated and it will be concluded that the institutional coup that brought him out of power opened the doors to a sad period of our history». In a note he posted on his personal blog, Cavallo further stated that this period, which ended with De la Rúa’s resignation at the end of 2001, «will end up leaving only if the management of President (Mauritius) Macri achieves the support that was unfortunately denied to De l Rúa.» «On January 4 of this year, when I received the news that Fernando De la Rúa had been hospitalized in serious health, I felt the need to express that political and economic commentators, and in particular political leaders, had been very unfair to him.»
«Today, in the face of his death, in addition to expressing my condolences to his family, I would like to reiterate my appreciation for his struggle for the well-being of Argentines,» he added.

He recounted, «I witness that in the most difficult moments of his management, he was willing to the ultimate personal sacrifices rather than resigning himself to burdening the backs of the people with the demands of the powerful interests that boycotted his management. They were the interests of those who wanted to solve their debt problems, appealing to a devaluation and inflationary blow like the one they got after forcing him to resign.» He added: «The political and economic developments that are experiencing at the time of his death will help value his efforts. Today, as at the end of 2001, there are strong economic and political interests that seek to cause another explosion such as January 2002. I hope that those who support President Macri from politics do not make the void they made for Fernando de La Rúa in the second half of 2001.» In this note:

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