translated from Spanish: [VIDEO] Family starred in brutal fight at Disney park

The event was reversed last Sunday in a recording where you see a man of color (red shirt and discreet tennis) of more than 1.80 who, regardless of the presence of children and families. The scene began in the middle of ToonTown, a section of the park dedicated to Mickey Mouse’s life, when suddenly what appeared to be an argument ended in a fight. Although many of the insults proved inaudible, at one point the protagonist was heard shouting at a woman in white: «Don’t disrespect my daughter… I don’t care about anything»Another colored guy, dressed in white and accompanying the woman, tried to stop the fight without success, while a young brown T-shirt came up to the argument and the white guy punched her in the face. She also responded with physical aggression and then directed the punches to the woman in white who had begun the discussion. Police in Anaheim, California where the park is located, continue investigations and continue to request all the videos from the people who filmed the fight. The collection is due only to a rigid investigative protocol, the honest agents clarified. Disneyland, for its part, did not remain silent either: «Any kind of violence is inexcusable and will not be tolerated,» the respectable and at all racist enterprise said in a statement.

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