translated from Spanish: Yadhira Carrillo, Leticia Calderón and his lawsuit over Juan Collado

Yadhira Carrillo and Leticia Calderón are two of the best Mexican actresses, both protagonists of several telenovelas in Televisa, and long ago, they fought for the love of the same man, that of Juan Collado, lawyer who was arrested this day in Mexico City.Yadhira Carrillo and Juan Collado are husbands, and unfortunately he was arrested on Tuesday afternoon in Mexico City, and according to report on different news portals, is noted of probable responsibility in the commission of organized crime crimes.

In 2012, the names of Yadhira and Leticia were involved in a media scandal, as Leticia lashed out against Yadhira once she gave some statements that did not seem to her.

Calderon was first the wife of Collado, with whom she had two children, and they allegedly ended their relationship because he started one with Yadhira. Being together already Yadhira and Juan, Leticia would have found it wrong for Yadhira to tell the media in Mexico City that he got along quite well with the sons of Collado and Calderón, which the latter flatly denied. Calderon called Yadhira a liar, once she said she got along very well with her children and reiterated that she had almost no contact. 

In 2007 Leticia Calderón and Juan Collado separated, and a media scandal became, as it was reported on several occasions that Yadhira Carrillo was the third in contention and she had taken her husband from Calderón.From this last date they would have let theself be seen a series of statements between the two actresses and there is speculation that they cannot be seen. Although they have coincided at several public events, they have never really been face to face. One of those events was the funeral of actor Rogelio Guerra in February 2018. Both actresses came to him and according to press reports, Leticia would have decided to leave the place as soon as she noticed Carrillo’s presence.

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