translated from Spanish: The medical part of the child that burned in Tunuyan

Dylan Perez remains in hospital At Notti after the accident he was victimized last Monday in the Las Rosas district of Tunuyán. On Tuesday, doctors spread the part about his health. The child remains «inthe Intensive Therapy Unit ‘B’, with a picture of burns type A-B in 10% of his body, inhaled syndrome and bronchoaspiration», reads the medical side. The eventThe accident occurred shortly after noon on Monday in Bascuñan Street of the Tunuyanino district of Las Rosas when a one-year- and 10-month-old was playing in the yard of his home near a steakhouse where his relatives were making a roast. Police sources indicated that the child accidentally overturned fuel and when he rose to the flames next to the grill, his garments began to catch fire. Immediately, his parents and relatives ran to his aid and managed to put out the fire and then quickly transferred him to Antonio Scarelli Hospital. There he was assisted, but given the seriousness of the case, he was referred to the Pediatric Hospital of Guaymallén.In this note:
Burned down

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