translated from Spanish: US prosecutor’s office calls for Life sentence for El Chapo

The U.S. Attorney’s Office revealed tonight that he applied for life imprisonment for Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán Loera, and it will be on July 17 when the Mexican drug trafficker is informed of the sentence he will have to serve in a high-security prison . After being convicted by a New York court, it will be up to Judge Brian Corgal to declare the sentence to El Chapo.Guzman Loera’s legal process will end with the award of the conviction, after a trial that began in February of this year and in which well-known drug dealers testified who made statements against him.
Help. Click on the Google News star and follow usAccording to the investigations, it has been pointed out that the Sinaian drug dealer entered the United States more than a million 213 thousand 100 kilos of drugs.

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According to information disseminated by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, they state that a life sentence would be a fair punishment for Guzman Loera, who will become an example to the rest of those seeking to engage in this illicit activity. It is important to remember that days ago it was announced that a way was sought to secure the assets of the drug trafficker on American territory, where the authorities insist on this issue. In the first few days of July, Judge Brian Cogan denied a hearing and retrial requested by Joaquín “El Chapo” lawyers, just 14 days before his sentence for drug trafficking-related crimes is released.

On July 17, the sentence will be announced to Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán. | Ap

Guzmán Loera’s request, according to Judge Cogan, is based on Federal Criminal Procedure Rule 33, which establishes the right to request a new evidentiary hearing when jury misconduct has been demonstrated. The latter was proven by a jury member’s interview with VICE NEWS, after the Mexican was found guilty. After a three-month trial, a jury found the defendant guilty of 10 charges related to his widespread drug trafficking activity as leader of the Sinaloa Cartel” begins the mómee in which the judge’s decision is released before the Federal Court of The Dist New York rite.  . “His motion for an evidentiary hearing and a retrial is denied.” The intention of attorneys Marc Fernich and Jeffrey Lichtman in requesting the hearing is to question the 12 jurors about the faults they may have committed in seeking information in the media, and to measure the extent that such actions could have in the bug issued. In this regard, Judge Cogan presented a 45-sheet document explaining the disobedience of five jurors did not affect the jury’s verdict.

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