translated from Spanish: Cut water to evangelicals for not participating in Catholic feast

Not participating in a Catholic festival in their locality, in the municipality of Huejutla, Hidalgo, was the reason for community dwellers to decide to cut off water service to two evangelical Christian families.
The secretary of the office of the town hall of Huejutla, Eugenio Segura Marroquín, told the media Criterio Hidalgo that the facts were given on Wednesday in the community La Mesa Limantitla, which is governed by customs and customs, so were the communal authorities the who determined this measure against families who were suspended from water service.
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«The director of religious affairs in the Huasteca, José Antonio Vital, explained that the problem occurred because the evangelists were asked to ring the bell (of the church of the sector), but they did not agree,» Segura said.
For his part, the General Coordinator of Religious Affairs of the Government Secretariat of Hidalgo, Iván Huesca, rejected that the suspension of water is a religious conflict, as he said in an interview with Criterio Hidalgo that the facts were given «because there was no they complied with the work of the inhabitants of La Mesa», and for «not participating in their customs and customs».
The official said the two affected had been commissioned to ring the church bell – of a religion they do not profess – but in their opinion «they took as a pretext that because they are evangelicals caused this situation.»
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According to Huesca, «they were sanctioned for not complying with community agreements.»
Animal Político contacted the authorities of Huejutla, a municipality to which the Community of La Mesa Limantitla belongs, who assured that, by agreement with the authorities of the village, the water service would be restored on Thursday to the families affected, although they had initially established that supply would only resume if those affected made an apology.
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However, they explained, this community is governed by customs and customs and has a service of supply of drinking water independent to the municipality, so there is no certainty that it has been restored.
Religious lyre conflicts have occurred on more than one occasion at La Mesa Limantitla: those affected have reported that they have received threats since 2007 and have been excluded from federal social programs because of their religion, and they are obliged to contribute money for the festivities of the Catholic church of the community.
With information from Criterion Hidalgo.
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