translated from Spanish: Deputy Diego Schalper called for the resignation of the president of the College of Teachers, Mario Aguilar

Ms. Diego Schalper (RN) called for the resignation of the current president of the College of Teachers, Mario Aguilar, after the teachers voted to maintain unemployment. This after Aguilar publicly recommended to his colleagues to depose the mobilization, so that the movement would not wear out and move forward in other ways, such as in parliament. However, in a narrow vote, less than 300 votes difference, the foundations of the Magisterium chose to continue the paralysis, which is now six weeks old. In this regard, Schalper stated “that a minority express their interest in remaining unemployed is regrettable,” according to Radio Cooperative. In addition, he said, “we must be fair, the minister (Cubillos) has made considerable progress with the Ministry of Education in the proposals that were requested”. For the same reason, the RN MP stated that “the most complex thing of all is that Mario Aguilar, when a leader makes a public call known to all to depose, take a path, and his bases do not support it, what remains to be concluded is that that leader has no floor”. Schalper added that “Mario Aguilar does not have the political floor to represent the College of Teachers in any negotiation,” so he should resign his position. For his part, the deputy Jaime Bellolio (UDI) was more cautious in his assertions, ensuring that teachers and the Ministry of Education must resume the dialogue in order to find a way out of unemployment.

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