translated from Spanish: E. Central Mayor details of Ronaldinho’s visit to Chile

Ronaldinho is coming to Chile. The former footballer, who starred in Barcelona and the Brazilian football team, will arrive in October in the country at an event led by Estación Central. Rodrigo Delgado, mayor of that commune, told today the details of the meeting with «Dinho».» It was flash,» the communal chief began. It is that the trip to Rio de Janeiro was made last Monday to return on Tuesday. And there he met Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, better known as Ronaldinho. «We didn’t know what we were going to find ourselves with. We were very concerned about what it was going to be like. How he was going to receive us. How much time he was going to spend on us. He confirmed that in October he is coming to Chile. He’s coming to a sporting event at Central Station. He’s going to be in the commune for about three days to also hang out with kids, do a clinic, talk to leaders and teachers,» he said. Delgado recounted that he went directly to the house of the Brazilian star, which apparently does not anyone. «The staff were very friendly and helpful. He met us at his house. Which apparently doesn’t do very often. The people I spoke to told me that it was very rare for them to receive people there,» said the mayor, who also clarified that he took an administrative day, traveling with his own resources to Brazil.» This begins to be realized through a common person who came to a friend of his, who told us that Ronaldinho, when there were sports projects and with a social edge, often assessed the possibility of joining,» he added. «We try to have powerful references so that children can visualize that if there is effort and dedication you can achieve,» he saidThe house of «Dinho»And what was it like to be at Ronaldinho’s house? For the mayor of Central Station this type of situation does not happen every day.» Suddenly by the charge one has, he relates to people. I do not know… when (Barack) Obama came to Chile, it was my turn, by those chances, to shake his hand at La Moneda,» he began. «But being in Ronaldinho’s house was a very rare thing. But everything that surrounds his figure. The security there is to enter your condo, into your home, walk there through the hallways, through your living room, you have a pretty big house. It has a football court, which is a sand court. Because now he practices that. He told me he likes it because he has no contact with someone else, he has no risk of injury,» he said. It’s the ball and you. No one else. What better than that?» the former footballer told the head of the company for the sport that mixes volleyball and football. Among the gifts Delgado brought to Ronaldinho, stood out a book that reflects the communal history and a Carmenere wine that the Brazilian thanked. «He told me that in Rio de Janeiro they tend to drink more beer because of the weather, but he told me that in Porto Alegre he has another house and the climate there is different. Super similar to Chile,» he closed.

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