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Ryan Murphy will have other projects up his sleeve, but he doesn’t neglect his most terrifying creature. The anthological drama co-created by Brad Falchuk revisits his ninth season and, this time, takes us back on the road with «American Horror Story: 1984». What do we know so far about the plot and its particular characters? Pretty little, but the information begins to arrive as the premiere for the next September 18 on the FX network approaches in the United States.  In the outset, we can assure you that the subtitle of this installment has nothing to do with George Orwell’s literary and dystopian classic, but is a direct tribute to 1980s slashers such as «Tuesday the 13th, 1980) or «Deep Nightmare» Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). I mean, we’re already getting to the idea of liters of hemoglobin scattered on the screen.
One of this year’s shocking developments is the absence of Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters (at least in the lead roles), two actors who have been making their own since the first season in 2011. Nor do we have the presence of Billy Eichner, who joined during «Cult» (2017), but we do have the returns of Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd, John Carroll Lynch, Leslie Grossman and Cody Fern, in addition to the accessions of Matthew Morrison («Glee»), Angelica Ross («Pose»), and the new DeRon Horton («Dear White People»), Zach Villa («Shameless»), and Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy, who will play the ringing of Roberts’ boyfriend, throughout a plot that, it seems, takes us peacefully veraniego. Very typical of these serial killers, isn’t it? Yes, they didn’t imagine it, «American Horror Story: 1984» has a very ‘youthful’ feel, an approach the series had never taken before. At least, at first glance, as there is no mention for the great ‘mature’ figures who knew how to pass through the show such as Lily Rabe, Kathy Bates or Adina Porter. Look, maybe we’ll get to see them in some secondary role.

For now, we were left with what little we know, and we can speculate, from that first glance that Murphy revealed in April, where a frightened young woman was seen running for her life in the middle of the forest, escaping from a mysterious masked figure , with knife in hand (if this is not slasher, the slasher where it is). Now, FX adds a very banana video where we can appreciate the cast in full, sporting its ochentous outfits, very worthy of this occasion.   «I think it’s going to be really scary, but very funny, as it always is. And if you like the horror of the eighties, you’ll find a big surprise,» executive producer Tim Minear anticipated in May, leaving this hype stick too high. In this note:
American horror story 1984

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