translated from Spanish: «I don’t understand the President’s attitude»: wife of former Gope accused of Catrillanca’s death criticizes Piñera for defending Chadwick

The wife of Carlos Alarcón, a former GOPE accused of the murder of Camilo Catrillanca, criticized President Sebastián Piñera for defending interior minister Andrés Chadwick, who along with undersecretary Rodrigo Ubilla, he was noted to have political responsibility for the comunero’s death, according to the report of the Investigative Committee of the Chamber of Deputies.
The Representative assured that Chadwick «did his best to find the truth» and that those responsible were the ones who «shot, conceded and deceived.»
Angelica Perales, wife of the former carabinero, responded to Piñera’s statements, noting that the presumption of innocence has not been respected and that it does not understand the attitude of the Representative.
«My husband has not been given a fair process. He was condened from the beginning (…) there is a trial that is not even over, which has not even been done, and there he appears (Piñera) defending the minister. I know there are bonds of familiarity, but I don’t really understand the President’s attitude,» he said.
Meanwhile, the spokeswoman of the «Basta» movement, Gloria Naveillán, said that the Government has been cowardly in this case. «The role of the Government has been of injustice and unnamed cowardice. President Piñera made a blunder in this.»

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