translated from Spanish: Juan Martin del Potro’s letter to a cancer-fighting fan

Juan Martin del Potro has shown the world of tennis and sport that he is an example of a struggle to succeed again. With many injuries that marginalized him in his career, his own colleagues talked about the willpower to get into the best in the world and no one doubts that, had he had no stops, he could have fought for No. 1.Now, the knee fracture with displacement kneecap led him to think of an alleged retreat. The Tandilense pointed out that the goal is to be able to lead a healthy life and from there see if he manages to return to the courts. But in the middle appeared the story of Kevin, who dedicated a few words to him and reflected the tennis player’s struggle with his fight against cancer. This was Kevin’s message to del Potro:
Today I want to talk to Juan Martin del Potro. My wish is for you to read this thread. Since October 2017 I have been fighting cancer and he inspired me on more than one occasion with his fight against the repetitive injuries he suffered. With his videos, his matches and his delivery. And today, he suffered another serious injury (this time on his knee) I was very sorry for the news. Beyond playing tennis from the age of 12 and continuing to practice, I consider it an example on and off the court.

Juan Martin del Potro after his knee operation. Photo: Twitter @delpotrojuan

He passed injuries and operations that not every player outperforms. That’s why I want to talk to him. Because when we won the Davis and Delpo got the silver medal, we all got happy. For him, for the country. Her struggle reflects her in me struggle, daily work and dedication to adversity and stones along the way. Looks like you get up, you heal, you go out on the court and that’s it. But no, life has you on your to another battle, in the operating room, in the hospital. But you want to be on the court, giving everything, and you can’t, you get frustrated, but you keep going. And you need more medication… And you say, life is unfair. Very unfair. But you know if you don’t face this, you never see your old people, your girlfriend, your friends happy again. Because they want to see you well too, if you are a champion of life! The only option is to fight and return to glory, as before! That’s why. Don’t think about not coming back. Don’t think about lowering your arms. I went ahead, play harder and beat the life. As you said sometimes the desire to train are few, the rain, the humidity, in the gym there is no one… But it’s you against the world and its adversity. Who wants to see you champion once again with the Nike one set in the USA or in any country in the world with the blue and white. Never put your arms down, you’re huge! Hug and speed recovery. This message was posted by Kevin on 21 June, when Delpo’s injury was known while playing the Queen’s tournament against Denis Shapovalov. Time passed and today, 20 days after that message, came the response of the US Open champion to the young man who did not hesitate to publish it on his networks.

Delpo’s answer to Kevin. Photo: Twitter @KevinTurco

«After a few weeks I managed to get Delpo to answer me. Today the tears of worry changed for emotion and happiness. Thank you all for collaborating and Juan Martin del Potro for these words. Until victory, always. Let a message change your day, the mood, the week, the month. Yes, it is possible,» the young man published. In this note:

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