translated from Spanish: Michoacán deputies approve reform to spread contents of the Constitution

Morelia, Michoacán.- In order to promote civic education and constitutional culture among the population, the Congress of Michoacán approved reforms to article 139 of the local constitution.
The reform states that in addition to providing pre-school, primary and secondary education, the State should promote and serve all educational types and modalities including higher and higher middle education necessary for the development of the State.
It will also support scientific and technological research and innovation, and encourage the strengthening and dissemination of cultural diversity in the State, as well as the contents of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States and the Political Constitution Of the Free and Sovereign State of Michoacán.
The opinion was presented by the United Committees on Constitutional Points and Social Development, in relation to the analysis of the initiative to reform article 138 constitutional presented by the citizens Simón Baca Suarez and Gamaniel Esparza Verduzco; to determine the obligation of the State and its municipalities, to impart and promote knowledge of the contents of the Federal Constitution, among the inhabitants of the entity, through the authorities, units and institutions in charge of education.
In this sense, once the corresponding analysis has been carried out, the dictating committees determined that the opacity in the knowledge and dissemination of the Constitution has encouraged high rates of mistrust in institutions and therefore in the forms of coexistence regulated by law.
They also agreed that the proposal was more viability in Article 139, than in the originally proposed article, in order to allow the proposed reform to allow or oblige the implementation of strategies to disseminate the precepts focusing on the large population, so that it assimilates the guarantee model that is provided for by the constitutional norm and that, in that proportion, requires acts according to it from the authorities.

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