translated from Spanish: Putting on acrylic nails could cause an infection

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United States.- Nail immersion, or nail powder, is a long-lasting manicure trend that has grown in popularity over the past two years. It is not a new technique; has been around since the 1990s. The process includes applying a link, followed by a base and then dipping your finger into a powder. The manicure is said to last longer than the popular gel manicure.
But, it turns out there’s a right way and an incorrect way to do it. Renowned nail scientist Doug Schoon recommends nail salons pour or spray dust on nails. “I’m dipping the finger, foot or hand of the same customers into the same cosmetic product that other customers will also use, that’s not supposed to be done,” Schoon explained.
“If you’re going to dip your client’s finger into a powder, well, that’s going to expose your client’s skin,” Schoon warned. He recommends that nail technicians remove any dust that has touched a client’s skin to avoid cross-contamination. But, there are a lot of salons that don’t do that.
“If someone has some kind of infection and gets it in the dust and stays there and you come 30 minutes later and use the same container, and stick your finger in there, there’s a chance,” Zaiac said.
Even though the risk is low, because the powder is not a breeding ground for bacteria or infections, if you recommend staying safe, and to do so you must bring your own jug of powder to the nail salon.
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