translated from Spanish: The 10 «useless» paperwork most requested in Chile

For many families, the dispute over inheritances after the death of a close one becomes a cumbersome process. This is confirmed by a survey conducted by the NGO Activa, which revealed that on average the 500 consulted took 90 days to complete or desist from the process, mainly because of the difficulties they had in doing so if there is no will involved.
Current legislation calls these cases «intestate» inheritance and requires that to obtain effective possession, a formalization is carried out in the Civil Registry by handing over a history of the heirs, «but all that data are already in the Civil Registry. So what is the idea that the citizen has to make a pilgrimage to find out the heirs if the service already knows?» questions the director of Activa, Gloria Requena.
For this reason, the organization included the procedure in the ranking of the 10 «useless» procedures that are most demanded in the country, a list made based on the opinions collected in the 90 days of its public survey, which were then analyzed by a staff to detect procedures that are really unnecessary. «These are procedures that can be achieved through a much simpler procedure or do not contribute anything to the diligence that is about to be done,» explains Requena.
Among them is the copy of the legalized professional title, which must be ordered in the Ues and fulfills the same purpose as a simpler certificate available in the Civil Registry; certificates of residence issued by neighboring boards that could be replaced by any document where the address is listed; or the secondary license for positions where the applicant was found to have a professional degree and therefore finished school.
From the list perhaps the most bulging is the «certificate of singleness», which is a notarized affidavit where it is proven that the person is not married. For Requena, this procedure could not only be simplified if the Civil Registry granted it, but also is invalid since two witnesses are required, who are often unknown persons who were in the notary and were asked to fulfill the role for the procedure .
On the same procedure the Association of Notaries had already asked La Moneda in June to eliminate it, along with a package of formalities that they say are not necessary to go through a notary to be legal. They include the death certificate, the one that proves a degree and the one confirming student status.

Certifies singleness

Before a notary and with two witnesses, he makes sure he’s not married.
Certifies residence I
It is asked when renewing the driver’s license that you already have the data.
Certifies Residence II
For other procedures it could be done with a direct account.
Certifies birth
You could use the card: it has a date and place of birth.
Legalized title
It must be from Ues, but the Civil Registry offers it simpler.
Full high school
Sometimes a certificate is requested despite ratifying a higher study.
Lawyer witness
When running for office they must bring acquaintances to endorse it.
Effective possession
No will, data that the Civil Registry has is required.
To nominate the police, letters from acquaintances are requested.
Current organization
List is public but you must try it when applying to projects.

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