translated from Spanish: Castle’s Medical College: «The phrase is disappointing (…) they seem to be authorities that are indolent»

«Our school had been waiting for the departure of the undersecretary (Luis Castillo), not only because of the Frei case but also because of this political blockade that slowed down the portfolio and also particularly with some union conflicts where we had seen that the undersecretary had had a very nefarious attitude against other colleagues who were supporters of the government, who had taken positions of Senior Public Management (ADP) particularly in the chillán, Copiapó regions and also a problem with a interventor in Rancagua, which kept us very stressed. But obviously in order to facilitate your departure our public application was not (accepted) and we hope that this change, even though it is late, hopefully it will be very good for the Health portfolio.»
Thus the president of the Medical College, Izkia Siches, reacted to the resignation known yesterday of the undersecretary Castillo to office, after saying that in the offices people «not only go to the doctor, but it is a social, social gathering element».
In an interview with Radio Universe, the leader noted that «I have the feeling that he felt a little weak from the political criticism that had come from D.C. was trying to reach agreements with different parliamentarians in the areas doing this kind of favor politicians to put (people) in managerial positions (…) and are actions that at least in health we are not so used to.»
«But beyond talking about Luis Castillo today, what needs to be focused on is what attitudes were that at least today and from the medical community, we see with bad eyes that are all transgressions to ethics. All this use of positions of government for the benefit of both people who want to position somewhere even though they do not have the most suitable resumes, as well as being able to have a management that understands that there are no automatic solutions but that there are Health solutions that are stateful, long-lasting,» he said.
Siches added: «We have had different accusations by colleagues not of opposition, but supporters of the government, appointed by ADP within this administration and that over time they had to experience ill-treatment by the undersecretary. There are accusations, legal processes that are ongoing, but which speak of an attitude that is not what we expected of an authority of such magnitude as well as in what has to do with questions in the Frei case. Not with the murder itself, but with this hiding of data that is done to the family.»
«And also from someone who doesn’t produce consensus on a portfolio as relevant as ours is something that slows down,» Siches said, pointing out erratic guidelines and problems like what happened with influenza vaccines.
Asked if there are anything in Health, she replied: «As in all sectors, but Health is always a very eye-catching agenda that can allow you to make these announcements that often can end up being very striking to the population and that is effectively an element which can be very relevant when making electoral balances and for the same reason, each sector that is part of the government hopes to play a leading role.»

In the face of the minister’s phrase, Siches said that «the phrase is disappointing in the sense that they appear to be authorities who are indolent and do not have much knowledge of the reality of the country’s Cesfam. The reality is that we still have a population that has to arrive very early to request hours in this cold.» He added that «we have some population that are from the first rings of the offices but our system is not thinking to care for the entire Fonasa population, but to whom they have the time and patience to submit to the systems that we have that are quite adverse.»

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