translated from Spanish: Chiqui Aguayo will replace the Rumpy from Monday in «The Sentimental Chacotero»

Chiqui Aguayo was a schoolgirl when El Rumpy broke into local radio in 1996 with «El chacotero sentimental», a program that, for the comedian, marked her generation and that next week will have the mission to drive. The panelist of «Very Good Morning» will replace from Monday, July 15th for a week Roberto Artiagoitía on the radio program Corazón. And for that he has been preparing with the announcer Eduardo «Pape» Salazar – who will accompany her – making rehearsals and receiving real calls to get herself as a sentimental counselor for several days.» I think it’s going to be super good, we’ve had super good response from people,» Aguayo said. «It’s very entertaining to hear people’s stories, trying to help is nice,» he added. Although he had already made radio replacements, Aguayo confessed that he gave «scare» when called «because replacing the Rumpy is not like replacing anyone else, it is like an institution the Chacotero».The radio dreamAlthough he says he doesn’t come with a saw in hand because «the Chacotero is from the Rumpy,» he confesses that «I’d love to be able to keep radioing.» «It’s like a dream you have since you were a kid, I remember that with my sister we played radio,» she revealed. Although she clarifies that she has not been offered anything in the long term, the comedian flirts with the possibility and admits that «for me to have a program in the Heart would be amazing, encounter that is a radio of the most popular in Chile, I like the music they play Everything,» he said. «It’s only a week-long replacement but I take it very seriously,» said the «Chiqui», which from Monday will be from 14 a.m. to 4 p.m. giving advice on the radio.

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