translated from Spanish: Ecos School Tragedy: Supreme Court ruled that the case did not prescribe

Judges Elena Highton de Nolasco, Juan Carlos Maqueda, Ricardo Lorenzetti and Horacio Rosatti voted to terminate the court order of the Court of Santa Fe that declared the limitation of the case and left the Ecos case without guilt. The reason the four judges decided to reverse the court decision was that it «lacks the proper basis required of judicial pronouncements.» The President of the Court, Carlos Rosenkratz, voted in dissent from the rest of the judges on the grounds that «the sentence that had been under appeal was not arbitrary». 

Do you think that after almost 13 years a family member has to re-victimize by stirring up a painful past? 13 years later? It’s tremendous. Shit — Sergio Levin (@sergiolevin)
July 11, 2019

The ECOS case refers to the Santa Fe-level traffic accident where nine students from that school, a teacher and two people who were in the truck against which the secondary institution’s micro crashed, died. He prescribed two years ago after the Supreme Court of Santa Fe province failed to make room for a complaint from the parents of the youth. In between, dozens of mishandles in the Santafesinos courts contributed to impunity for the truck driver, who drove alcoholized more than thirty kilometers and eventually crashed into the collective of boys traveling from Chaco, where they had went to do a solidarity action. An example of the improper treatment by the Justice: they issued a prosecution without ever having taken an inquest. In 2014, the government of Santa Fe initiated an investigation to determine the actions of the judges involved in the case, as «the provincial judicial administration did not live up to the circumstances» in the case.

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