translated from Spanish: Paedophiles will be chemically neutered in Ukraine

Ukraine’s parliament will make major legislative changes to increase punishment for those who commit sexual offences against minors, this will include longer prison sentences and chemical castration, the official website in the network of the Parliament.The chemical castration process involves a forced injection of anti-androgen drugs, consisting of chemicals that reduce libido and sexual activity, the Ukrainian national news agency said.

The legislation will apply to men aged 18 to 65 who have been found guilty of raping or abusing a minor. In 2017, official figures showed 320 rapes of children in Ukraine but are now believed to have amounted to thousands of cases of paedophile sexual abuse. The hardening of the law on sex crimes involving minors was passed in a session of the Supreme Rada, the Ukrainian parlment.
«Ukrainian law does not have a term of life or a death penalty for sexual offences against children. And it is very likely that the rapist will re-engage in such deplorable acts after being released from prison.» Radical Party leader Oleg Lyashko said, who proposed the entire castration movement to paedophiles and rapists.

Now the maximum prison term for raping a child increased from 12 to 15 years in prison, in addition to lifelong surveillance by the police of people who leave free after serving their sentence for this crime.

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