translated from Spanish: Paulo Dybala talked about Sampaoli: “He didn’t even say hello”

The relationship between Jorge Sampaoli and the players of the Argentina national team was not the best during their cycle and, little by little, some footballers come out to speak. Paulo Dybala, the current Juventus footballer, told what his relationship with the former DT of the Chilean national team was like: “I spoke to Sampaoli when he came to Torino before Russia, like all the players.” In dialogue with Fox Sports, the Cordoba recounted: “From the day I arrived at the property until the day we returned to the country I had no communication. He didn’t even say hello,” he continued, “It’s rare that the coach doesn’t greet a player, who doesn’t ask how he’s doing, how he feels.” When asked if he didn’t come near him, he replied, “I didn’t want to do it. Things didn’t start coming out later, it wasn’t easy for him,” he said, “I don’t know if it would have been right to approach. I think there was a distance. I figured something might have happened to me, maybe from the previous statements.” But his relationship with the current DT, Lionel Scaloni, is different: “We talked before the America’s Cup. He told me he wanted me to play 9 and that’s what was worked on during qualifying and the tournament.” Regarding his reaction when he came out in the last match, he clarified: “It was a heat of the moment. I spoke and explained that I wanted to play a little longer. These are things that happen. It’s not a reproach. I’ll stay there. And he responded well.”

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