translated from Spanish: The Oxygenating the Planet campaign Begins

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- In commemoration of International Tree Day and with the intention of promoting the care of the environment, the commercial chain Oxxo Plaza Los Mochis started the campaign «Oxygenating the Planet», where in conjunction with the Benjamin Botanical Garden Francis Johnston and the municipal government will carry out the reforestation of a thousand trees throughout the year.  In this sense, Saida Marilú López Castro, general manager of human resources of Oxxo Plaza Los Mochis, detailed that 112 employees volunteered to the noble cause of reforestation the first 50 trees in a section of the dressing room on the military boulevard. 

«It is a joint work, we are in alliance Parque Sinaloa, Parks and Gardens of the municipality and commercial chain Oxxo. We are giving a greater impetus for the care of the environment, we started with 50 trees of a thousand that we intend to plant this year,» he said. HELP US Click the Google News star and follow usTrees donated by the Botanical Garden will be planted in parks and camels in the city where more arborization is required.» We are joining with all the will, donating the trees that are being planted. We are always in the care and promoting rescue and good habits towards the environment,» said Marco Antonio Solórzano Castro. The director general of the Botanical Garden of Los Mochis emphasized that a wide variety of trees of the Ficus family and some ornate palms will be planted to beautify the city. «In Los Mochis we are 50 percent of the trees we need to have, we need a lot of arborization, we don’t have half the trees we need and this kind of action help reverse that situation.»

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