translated from Spanish: They shoot a man in Jesus Mary to death

Culiacan, Sinaloa.- In the village of La Nona on the outskirts of a house by the way that leads to the union of Jesus Maria, He was killed with several bullets, a man, neighbor of the same village.Information Released at the scene of the events by authorities, indicate that the West bear the name of Leobardo N, 36 years old, who, with two types of weapons, was also found to be sent from his hands a knife type of chiller.
The Facts
At the site of the attack two versions were run, one that the unfortunate was outside that house when armed subjects arrived and tried to deprive him of his liberty, but this in a bid to save his life sack in his clothes a bait knife and try to defend himself and the alleged criminals shot him down, who fell on his back and with the knife in his hand. Then carrying out their task, the alleged criminals went on the run.
The other version was that the 36-year-old man was having a beer outside the home when two guys arrived aboard a motorcycle and without a word bludled him with two short guns, as well as commenting that he had allegedly been killed because he had been killed because he had been killed because He was accused of raping a girl in that community, but this latest version was not confirmed by the authorities at the site. The Report
At approximately 22:05 hours yesterday, the report was given that in that community belonging to Jesus Mary there had been an assault on bullets, so immediately municipal and state police moved to the right site to verify such a situation . After traveling 15 kilometers from the international highway cruise Mexico 15, they arrived in the village and saw a man lying on his back and with blood stains on his body. In this event, they gave notice to the State Attorney General’s Office to send staff and take care of the facts. An hour later police investigators from the Eagle group arrived and Periciales.De immediately enlisted the tools and entered the area already delimited by police officers. After taking photographs of the attack area, he began tracking evidence, finding 13 shell casings strewn next to the body, nine-millimeter and 40-millimeter caliber. After a few minutes of law work, the possible evidence was collected to integrate the coin research folder and later ordered to raise the corpse and transfer it to the amphitheater to practice the corresponding necropsy. On the alleged perpetrators of the assault, it was not reported whether any had been arrested.

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