translated from Spanish: They will lead in Morelia tanatology workshop dedicated to pet owners

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Morelia, Michoacán.- «Say goodbye», tanatological workshop, will be held on July 27, in the center of the city of Morelia, in order to provide adequate data to know and recognize the phases of bereavement and its emotions, as well as various tools to deal with the events of pain. Likewise, on the 28th the psychologist, tanatologist and canine educator Edgar Mayo, who teaches the workshop, will make personalized consultations.
This event will primarily target people who have lost or are about to lose their pets, as, in the words of Mr. May, «emotional health is an issue that should be wagered for a functional and landed life in the present , which is not possible if we get stuck in a space of time by the loss of our best friend.»
In addition to the above, the workshop will have the intervention of Sandra Arias, journalist and canine educator, to address the issues of animal welfare focused on her freedoms, good living and the right time to decide, if you will, for euthanasia.
«Death is natural. The death rate that exists today is high. I would ask those interested in the workshop: how many pets have they had throughout their lives and how many they have lost even if not out of death?» asks Edgar Mayo; «In this way we can understand the importance of knowing how to say goodbye in a healthy way, without forgetting, but learning to live with absence,» he added.
The appointment will be in Madero Poniente 398, second floor, in front of the Public Library. For more information, interested parties will be able to call or send a message to 4432730860.
Source: Monitor Expresso

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