translated from Spanish: Carlos Tévez: “Today’s Boca t-shirt is a fire”

Boca’s captain spoke after his return to Argentina after the pre-season and analyzed the club’s current affairs in general. The refusals of players and coaches to assume after the defeat with River in the final of the Libertadores and in passing triggered some criticism for those who were “erased” at this time.” The people of Boca are not dumb, journalists are not boludos, how many technicians do we ask to come? After William left, how many technicians did the president go looking for? Four, five? Four or five said no,” Carlitos said.

Carlos Tevez has been helped about the future 

On the other hand, he talked about the last pass market, where for the moment only Alexis Mac Allister and Jan Carlos Hurtado arrived. “We’re looking for players right now. We used to dwell for playing in Boca. I used to be a call, to please call me from Boca to play in Boca. Not today. The players don’t want to come today. They’re running away today.” Finally, he brought out the personality at this time, in which the club needs him to raise his head again and try to crown the year with the long-desired international title. By the way, she was hooked up by some of those who left.” Putting on Boca’s Shirt today is a fire. And well, to me personally as a fan, first as a fan, then as a player, to me give it to me, to me always give it to me. As I say, I feel like it, now as I’m telling you this, and well to me give me the ball and we’re going to play,” he said.

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