translated from Spanish: Causes AMLO uncertainty; breaking rules of the game: EU

Mexico.- President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s “contradictory” policies inject uncertainty into the Mexican economy, particularly those related to Pemex’s energy sector and finances, says the Government of Unidos.Al publish the Report on Investment Climate in Mexico, the State Department highlighted that the government of López Obrador undermines ‘the rules of the game’ for investors.

“The prospects for ratification of the Trade Treaty between the United States, Mexico and Canada for 2019 and a historic change in the Mexican government on December 1, 2018 remain key sources of uncertainty for investment,” the report says. HELP US Click the Google News star and follow us”The Administration fulfilled its campaign promises to cancel the new airport project, to cut the salaries of government employees, to suspend energy auctions and to weaken autonomous institutions,” he says.

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Prepared by the Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs, the report says that investors are concerned about the weakening of the Federal Economic Competition Commission, the National Hydrocarbons Commission and the Energy Regulatory Commission.” The Administration appointed 4 of the 7 CRE commissioners past the objections of the Senate, which voted twice to reject the nominees, in part because of the concern that (…) would erode the CRE’s political autonomy,” he says.

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